Weekly poll wrap-up

Last week’s poll was “the plane goes down, and you’re stuck on a desert island with one other person, a full week away from rescue. Who would you choose?”

A whopping 47% picked David Dewhurst, with Rick Perry coming in second at 30%, and Tom Craddick and Tom DeLay bringing up the rear at 11% apiece.

Several things this could mean. Maybe readers here just like David Dewhurst, or at least dislike him the least. Maybe readers here like tall skinny calf ropers who give speeches while using odd hand motions. Maybe it gets readers kind of hot when they hear the words, “members, the president’s desk is clear.” Maybe readers here think Rick Perry would, in one week, put the whole island out for bids, take money from a foreign corporation to control it, they’d pave the whole thing over, then charge readers a high price to stay on it while awaiting rescue. Maybe readers here sensed that after an entire week without access to hair care products, Perry would morph into something quite scary, resembling the decaying corpse of Yoda.

There’s no question that readers here aren’t fond of anybody named “Tom.”

Los dos Tomas ain’t feeling no lurve. At least I understand why few people want to hang out for a week alone on an island with Tom Craddick. I think we’ve all seen from experience that Craddick has a lot of trouble putting a face together with a name, and even after a solid week together, he probably wouldn’t recognize you. I mean, come on – he hardly ever recognizes anybody, muttering something about “rule 4” as his excuse. As for DeLay – I’m sure nobody wants “delay” to be part of the equation, while anxious to be rescued from the island. A week is more than enough time. Plus, the full week would give DeLay time enough to divide the island into several districts, none of which are winnable by anybody except DeLay.

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  1. justusfiles July 30, 2008 at 7:00 am #

    it’ll prolly be tim. smart money says…

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