Weekly Poll Wrap-Up

Last week’s poll was “The White House is reportedly hashing out the details of a $700 billion bailout of a collapsing financial industry, presumably because of bad industry decisions . What else should the feds have stepped in for, but didn’t?”

We had an exact tie for a very dubious first place, with each of the following coming in with 29 percent:

It would have been just nifty to have invested in supplying our troops with the armor and other supplies they needed to survive their missions, and not cut their benefits once they return

It would have been boffo to have had a bit more sympathy for cash-strapped Americans when Republicans led passage of the bankruptcy legislation written in large part by the credit card companies, ironically in the name of “personal responsibility”

It seems from these results that Americans are equally disgusted with the White House on both the domestic and foreign policy fronts, and that the focus is squarely on the needs of Americans in need no matter which front.

Coming in a close second with 22 percent was “It would have been kind of nice to have bailed out the countless Americans who have lost their homes already.”

And coming in third, also close with 18 percent, was “It would have been neato keen for the White House to have taken a stab at a comprehensive National energy policy at any point in the last 8 years which didn’t have as its goal the maximumization of oil company profits.”

So, the bottom line is, voters wish the White House could walk and chew gum at the same time. Yes, bailing out the crappy economy is undoubtedly important, and as bad of a taste as it leaves in all our mouths, the $700,000,000,000.00 bailout bill is probably a necessary evil. But there is, and has been, very real need by very real people out there, and the Bush administration has long turned a deaf ear to all of it.

It will all be over in four months. Here’s hoping that’s not enough time for them to screw up something else.

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