Weekly Poll Round-up

Last week’s (reverse) weekly poll was “the possible answers are David Dewhurst, Rick Perry, and Tom Craddick. What is the question?”

Of course, I’m well aware that of all the BS polls I’ve ever posted on the site, this was the BS’est one ever. It doesn’t get much BS’ier than this. But hey – whatever, this is, after all, just show biz for ugly people.

The mindset behind it was that every time I put David Dewhurst on a weekly poll, in any context, he wins. So this time I just decided to put him in the question, instead of one of the answers.

The winning answer at 71%, of course, was “Name a swinger, a right winger, and a House rules slinger.” No real brain surgery there – in a choice between serious and not serious, we’ll pick not serious every time. The only real surprise was that other options were chosen by a few, probably because they’re just contrarians who avoid the obvious answer at all cost.

Coming in second place with 14% was “Which Texas Republican is most out of touch with mainstream Texans?”

Tied for last place with 7% apiece were “Which Capitol leader will soon be a private citizen?” and “Which will get the blame first when people realize what has been done to them?”

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  1. whiskeydent October 13, 2008 at 7:17 pm #

    I gotta go with None of the Above. I think it’s time for him to head to the ranch and crank up that chain saw.

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