Weekly Poll Wrap-Up

Last week’s poll question was “George Bush is now down to his final 100 days in office. What would be the best use of his remaining time?”

Coming in first place at 29%, surprisingly to me, was “pop all the “W” keys off White House computers, sell them on E-Bay to raise money for Presidential library.” Surprising, because this option was a shameless knock-off of what outgoing Clinton administration staffers actually did as a joke before leaving the White House to the incoming Bush staffers in January 2001. Of course they didn’t sell them on E-Bay, but they did reportedly mess with the keyboards. The Bushies howled, and the country chuckled.

Tying for second place at 19% each were “while attending WWF Wrestling event, go to crowded restrooms, loudly demand to know where glory holes are” and “do final performance evaluation on Dick Cheney: give generally positive marks, except for that ‘killing way too many people in Iraq’ thing.” I honestly though the glory hole thing would do better, and the Cheney thing would do worse. I guess in readers’ minds, glory holes and dicks just belong together.

In third place with 16% was “accidentally leave a child behind.” This actually may have been wishful thinking on readers’ parts, because what this administration has done with those children is shameful – create boatloads of school mandates, then leave the money behind to pay for ‘em.

In fourth place with 12% was “call Websters, lobby to have ‘evildoer’ included in next dictionary edition.” Legacy-wise, if you’re the President of the United States, and you repeatedly use a word, it might be helpful to your legacy if it’s actually a word.

And in last place with 9% was “host seance, contact spirit of Ronald Reagan, ask him how he muddled through ‘legacy’ challenges.” I suppose it’s understandable if readers have already concluded that even the spirit of Ronald Reagan cannot help Bush pull any sort of positive legacy out of the cesspool of the administration of the last eight years.

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  1. Anonymous October 19, 2008 at 2:10 pm #

    your poll is a trick question – there is no way McCain can win!

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