Last minute Christmas gift ideas

People, stop procrastinating. It’s time to finish that Christmas shopping!

Previously, Letters From Texas Worldwide Headquarters, Red Nose Reindeer Division, has shared Christmas gift ideas. They’re here and here.

But for those last minute stocking stuffers, here are a few more:

New, from the people who bring you the Whopper, is the BK beef-scented body spray. Personally I think David Dewhurst would be well-served spraying some all over Dan Patrick just before the Texas Senate takes that early-session field trip to the dog pound.

And what household would be complete without an electronic yodelling pickle? I, for one, am sick and tired of trying to train my own pickles to yodel – now you can purchase one pre-trained.

And since the true spirit of Christmas is all about office supplies, how about a nose pencil sharpener for your co-worker? Especially the co-worker with the big nose.

And finally, for the religiously confused among your friends, there is simply no better gift than the Santa dreidel.

This has been your Letters From Texas last-minute Christmas gift guide.



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