So, about that Speaker’s race…

Now that Cook (no relation) and Kuempel (no relation) have also filed for Speaker, in addition to the cast of thousands (no relation) who had already filed as of last Sunday when the weekly poll was posted on top of the right hand sidebar, does it make anybody want to go back and change their vote?

If you’ve already voted, just click on “change your vote” underneath the choices. The software, however, will not allow me to add choices after somebody has voted on a poll.

And feel free to trash the candidate(s) of your choice in the comments here. This blog is like Olympia Dukakis (no relation) in “Steel Magnolias”: if you can’t say anything nice, come over here and sit by me.



One Response to So, about that Speaker’s race…

  1. Anonymous December 12, 2008 at 1:43 am #

    One lovely, sunny afternoon in 2001 at Serrano’s on Red River, I was attending yet another capitol reception, standing between my then-boyfriend and the then-speaker of the house when Ed Kuempel, whom I had never met before and was at the time also ‘running’ for speaker, walked up, grabbed me by the upper arms, kissed me on the mouth, then grinned as he said, “There! NOW I feel better!” and walked away. I naturally vomited a little in my mouth. “Kissing Kuempel” had struck again. I’m still traumatized.

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