Poll Dancing

Those fun-loving party animalitos at Burnt Orange Report are annoyed that both campaigns for Austin City Council Place 1 are gaming their system in voting for their online poll.

I have a different philosophy. Game the system. Game it good and hard. Game the system ’til sweat glistens from the system’s voluptuous body. Then game it good and hard one more time, because, what the hell, lots of serious stuff gets said and done in politics, lets have some fun too.

So my poll, identical to BOR’s, is on top of the right hand sidebar. Bend it ’til it breaks. Knock yourself out. Let ‘er rip, tater chip. The one with the most votes by Friday afternoon may or may not win the race, but they’ll win the “my supporters can figure out how to vote more than your supporters in a meaningless blog poll” contest. Make the meaningless mean something.



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