Weekly Poll Wrap-Up

The poll asked site readers how they like the new Letters From Texas design.

A combined 73% like it, and 25% don’t. Rounding accounts for the missing 2%.
Of the 73% positive responses, almost half (35%) also liked the old design, while 38% said the new design is much better.
Of the 25% who said they didn’t like it, they had strong feelings. Only 5% said they weren’t crazy about it, while 20% said “It’s uglier than your dog’s butt.”
The new poll will be on top of the right hand sidebar, whenever I get around to it. However, a picture of my dog’s butt won’t be.



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  1. whiskeydent February 19, 2009 at 9:11 pm #

    Throw the ball. Throw the ball. Throw it. Throw it! Throw. The freakin’. Ball.

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