disAstros Update

It seems like just last week when I was excited about the opening of baseball season. That’s probably because the opening of baseball season was just last week. 

Readers may recall that my general thesis regarding the Astros is that they’re never worth a damn until after they’ve been left for dead.

Well, mission accomplished – we’re way ahead of schedule. Our Boys are 1-6 so far on the season, comfortably in last place in the division. Only the Washington Nats and the Cleveland Indians have a worse showing in all of major league baseball at the moment.

Clearly we’re going all the way this year!

What is lacking so far in the Houston Astros’ season?
The playing of any actual baseball
They were doing a bit better back when they were all on steroids
and before some of them were eligible for AARP membership
The pitching sucks
only surpassed by the uncanny and advanced ability to avoid making any runs
although it kind of makes you wonder if they have the runs
I may get the runs just from watching them
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  1. njb April 19, 2009 at 8:17 am #

    My 15 yo son plays Colt because he is too lazy to do all his homework to play on the HS team. Long story short, they had such a bad week that the coach told them to STOP watching the Astros, because they were playing just like them.

    When the umpires are shaking their heads at you…you know you have a problem.

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