I’d be fuming too

I’m guessing you already knew before you arrived at this website that I’d be linking to this article today.

Mistake Number One: they were in Waco

Mistake Number Two: 5 men in a hotel room? Really bad idea.

Mistake Number Three: knives and bean dip don’t mix. In fact, people and bean dip don’t mix. Especially male-type people. With knives. Crammed into one hotel room. In Waco.

Mistake Number Four: did I mention they were in Waco?

Note to Senator Averitt: this would not be happening, if you’d taken my advice and built a border wall, separating McLennan County from East Texas.



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  1. stiletto pirate April 9, 2009 at 4:14 pm #

    i’m actually surprised we haven’t seen an article like this come out of Port A during some fishing trips……..

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