Remind me – what makes these people “conservative?”

Do you remember when Rick Perry turned down $555 million in federal stimulus money for our bankrupt unemployment system, because he said the so-called “strings attached” would cost the state of Texas more?

Well guess what – now they’re borrowing $2 billion from the feds, to make up for the shortfall in Texas’ unemployment system.

Governor, the strings associated with a loan is that you have to pay back the money. That’s why they call it “a loan.” So what was the big deal with those “strings” on $555 million that bothers you, which doesn’t bother you with $2 billion worth of “strings?”

And Kay…honey…stop gloating. Where were you when Perry was beating his chest about not accepting the FREE money from the feds? I don’t remember you stepping up to the plate at the time to provide a little leadership when Our Only Governor didn’t seem to be able to find any.

How many days until voters in a general election can get rid of all of the above? Sheesh.



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