RPT Logo Contest Results

Monday, we announced this contest, to grant the wish of the Republican Party of Texas in their quest for help to develop a new logo. You see, they need help with their image. Imagine that.

So of the hundreds of site visitors who read about the contest, I quickly observed that almost all of you are lazy-asses, because there weren’t very many contest entries. But keeping in mind that the only requirements RPT stated were to include the words “2010,” “Texas,” and “victory,” here’s a good one, by Kim Johnson:

And here’s the winner, the creator of which will get a t-shirt (and also continued anonymity, as this person, wisely, didn’t want to be associated with a blog as dubious as this one):

The reason I decided this entry was the winner: an actual effort was made to include clip art. This must have added upward of tens of seconds to the project. Other *cough* entries aren’t making it onto the site – even we here at Letters From Texas Worldwide H.Q. have our (admittedly low) standards, and some of you people clearly have anger management issues when it comes to Republicans. But nice try.



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