The Republican Party of Texas needs our help!

Friends, the Republican Party of Texas sent out an email last week, saying they need our help. Now I know that we’ve never stood idly by when someone is in need, so we must immediately get to work and come to their rescue!

It seems they’re looking for a new logo, and they’re stumped. That’s where we come in. The only requirements they state in the email:

The logo must incorporate the words “2010” “Texas” and “Victory”.

Sooooo, Letters From Texas Worldwide Headquarters is having yet another of our patented contests!

Email me your submission for the new logo of the Republican Party of Texas by close of business tomorrow. I’ll post the best of them here, and the winner will get a free t-shirt!

Here you go – I’ll get the ball rolling myself. This example incorporates all the required words and everything. See how easy that is? It’s hard to believe RPT needs our help! Come on – this’ll be the easiest t-shirt you ever stole.



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