Radio talk show Clueless Caller of the Day

There are few things as entertaining as folks who call into talk shows, especially the more clueless callers.

Here’s “Lou,” the winner of today’s Letters From Texas Clueless Talk Show Caller of the Day.

Yes, you too can listen live over the interwebz to Scott Braddock’s show, which is actually disappointingly sane and thought-provoking, and originates on KRLD in Dallas. Feel free to email me future submissions to the Clueless Callers of the Day, from this or any other radio talk show in Texas. The wackier the better.



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  1. TheLabRat February 15, 2010 at 6:51 am #

    Lol. The radio host is awesome. He has a way of putting the question that is just priceless.

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