Hutchison’s delusions of relevance

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has scheduled a 10 am media availability in San Antonio to announce her 12th story on what she plans to do – stay or go. She will announce that she’s staying. This marks the first time in her previous 11 fictional tales regarding her future in which she has decided to play straight with Texans – all her previous utterances on the subject were obviously lies.

Not a single one of my Democratic colleagues is surprised. In fact, most if not all of us who are frequently quoted in news stories have long been on the public record that she would ultimately not resign. I’m not sure who Hutchison thought she was fooling. By the looks of the Republican primary election results, in which she lost by over 20 percentage points, it appears she wasn’t even fooling many Republicans.

But now it’s clear to all Texas voters that she wasn’t shooting straight with them. What remains is to see whether she will go forward from this point and shoot straight with Texas voters. During her failed primary election, she leveled charge after charge at Rick Perry. Will she now take all that back too, cynically supporting the man she accurately described as a failed governor…or will she pretend for partisan purposes that the last 14 months never happened, and support the man she said all along wasn’t good for Texas?

Don’t hold your breath for her to do the right thing.



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  1. Anonymous March 31, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    Didn’t I read somewhere that the banking lobby or some big group of bankers wrote a letter with a bunch of signatures asking her to stay on the job – – and isn’t that all the evidence we need that we’d all be better off if she retired?

    Joe Cutbirth
    Longhorn and Democrat

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