Clueless radio talk show caller of the day

Winning today’s radio talk show Darwin Award is “Barbie,” a woman calling into Scott Braddock’s radio show in Dallas on KRLD yesterday. Barbie called in during a lively discussion on immigration. Barbie would rather scapegoat immigrants instead of taking responsibility for her own life by getting off her fat ass* and getting a job.

Barbie, thankfully, was followed by “Anthony,” who seems, shockingly and somewhat disappointingly, like a normal human being. Don’t be fooled by the pre-recorded intro before Barbie – that’s a whole different racist.

Pro tip for racist fat-asses*: at least while in public, you might consider pretending that you have legitimate concerns regarding illegal immigration in America, which Congress should address out of a deep concern for continued economic growth, public safety, and border security. That way, you don’t have to admit that you just flat-out hate Mexicans, and that you blame them for your total inability to live a normal life and get a regular job.

*I herein apologize to all non-racist fat-asses. It’s just that the term “fat-ass” seems to follow the word “racist” so well.  Plus, if Barbie can assume that people she’s never met and doesn’t know are all a certain way, then I can certainly assume that racist idiots like Barbie all have fat asses, right? So sorry, Barbie, you have a fat ass. You also have bad breath, and both of your remaining teeth are crooked. Maybe that’s another reason why Jack In The Box won’t give you an employment application.



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  1. SOCOACH June 15, 2010 at 1:51 pm #

    Texas, the Southwest U.S. and the nation-at-large needs more Anthonys and fewer Barbies.

  2. Scott June 15, 2010 at 4:13 pm #

    Well said, SOCOACH. It was pretty clear that Barbie got stuck in a lie. She changed her story every time the host asked her a question.
    That’s part of the problem – it’s not just the problems that we really do have, it’s the lies made up by some people.

  3. Design Doctor June 15, 2010 at 9:51 pm #

    Rather than the on-air conversation being about Barbie’s statements and whether she is telling the truth or not, perhaps more compelling conversation would be to explore whether she believes that illegal immigrants are competing for the same jobs that she is applying for. When hired by a large business or corporation she’d have to provide a social security card. Unless they have forged documents, can someone illegally in the US do that? Does she really believe that ready, cheap labor will keep her from getting a job. That is a feeling that a lot of citizens are experiencing for the first time in their lives and a discussion that reflects that disheartening reality would be a riveting one to hear on a talk radio show.

    Later callers focus on whether people are Mexican/Hispanic or not. Actually, the point of the discussion should be about whether or not people that are in this country illegally should be able to remain and work in the USA.

    Referenced Irish and Chinese immigrants from early 20th century did not cross the oceans and sneak into the country. They went through Ellis Island & they were documented immigrants. That is a process that most Americans expect from anyone coming to this country to have a better life.

    Why should the US have open arms to whomever wants to come and be willing to take the hit on whatever it costs to provide for them? Other countries, especially Mexico, have very strict laws about visiting, living & working in, and buying property in their countries. Why such a double standard?

    Though ignorance and fear will always breed prejudice and racism, I think that most Americans that are objecting to the presence of ever growing numbers of illegal immigrants and the heavy financial burden they and entitlements are placing on our economic structure has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they are from Mexico.

    Diminishing their objections and concerns by calling them racists is not only short-sighted…it is cowardly.

  4. FUBAR June 15, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

    Mr. Doctor (or, can I call you “Design”?): perhaps you missed where Barbie began her entire thesis by complaining about the tax write-off “they” are taking. This means that the “they” are filing tax returns, which means that the “they” are in the country legally, either as citizens or resident aliens, presumably. It would logically follow that all discussion after that was purely about race, not citizenship. That would put her squarely in the racist column. If you don’t agree, that just ducky – start your own blog and have fun doing it.

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