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Political movies on parade

Yeah yeah yeah, so the Perry campaign is trying to make something out of Bill White encouraging film makers to parody Perry through short films.

The joke’s on you, Perry. We here at Letters From Texas Worldwide Headquarters have been secretly shooting a high-budget feature film all along.

We’re in the final editing stages now, but we can tell you that it stars high-profile Texas Democrats including White, Judith Zaffirini, Leticia Van de Putte, Rodney Ellis, Aaron Pena, Ana Hernandez, Eddie Lucio, III, Hector Uribe, and Trey Martinez Fischer.

 Watch the movie trailer.

(h/t: Mean Rachel)

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Just about as descriptive as it gets

Here’s one that caught my attention: apparently in Wisconsin, if you’re an independent candidate for legislature, state law allows you to choose up to five words describing yourself.

So, meet Ieshuh Griffin, who signed up to run, and wants to use the following descriptive phrase:

NOT the “whiteman’s bitch”

Ieshuh Griffin

In a close vote, Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board ruled that she can’t use it, but Ms. Griffin may go to court to force the issue. Interestingly, the vote was 3-2 in favor, but under the board’s rules, she needs 4 votes.

Personally I’m cheering Ms. Griffin on. Free speech is free speech, and I think the phrase conveys a highly political concept in which a stand is taken. If that’s not highly-protected political free speech, what is?

I wonder if the Wisconsin board would be so concerned about the phrase if it wasn’t so utterly catchy? Depending on other race dynamics, if the courts allow her description onto the ballot, she could actually win the race. Even if she doesn’t, the phrase is certainly food for thought.

If that’s the way Ms. Griffin wants to describe herself, that’s how it should read on the ballot. If the delicate flowers constituting Wisconsin’s electorate can’t take it, well tisk tisk – there is nothing in that phrase that wouldn’t make it into a prime time television network’s script in many contexts.

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Yeah yeah yeah

I’ve been busy. That’s why I haven’t written anything for the blog lately.

The bad news is, I’m still busy, so I’m still not writing.

The good news is, here’s a baby in a watermelon. That’ll hold you.

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FUBAR-Cam update

Mojave Rattlesnake in Big Bend meets his maker, as he goes after neighbor’s cat.

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I don’t feel so well

Several years ago, Rush Limbaugh announced he was going deaf.

Now, Glenn Beck claims he is going blind.

In a related development, Letters From Texas Worldwide Headquarters’ marketing department has determined that FUBAR needs his own medical condition in order to raise his profile by pathetically creating sympathy from among the crap-reading public.

The possible medical conditions have been narrowed down to priapism, restless legs syndrome, supernumerary nipple syndrome, or hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

Weigh in on your preference or suggest another tragic medical condition in the comments section.

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Oklahoma lifestyle update

Stay classy, Oklahomans!

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Headline of the day so far

It’ll do.

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Whose economy?

How cute. The Republicans are again blasting President Obama on his handling of the economy, as the Congress passes the Wall Street reform bill Republicans are so uncomfortable with.

If only there was some way to figure out how we got here in the first place, perhaps some snippet of history clearly showing who was in charge when things hit the fan. But alas, I suppose I’m just asking too much.

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FUBAR-Cam update

Well here I am in Houston on a business trip, staying in one of those fancy-schmancy hotels with all the unnecessary stuff. In this case they even labeled the toilet paper with a big “S.” As if they think Austinites wouldn’t know what it’s for. Sheesh.

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Headline of the day so far

Not that this will surprise anybody.

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Bill Hammond gives us some lip

Letters From Texas Worldwide Headquarters took a field trip to Katz’ Deli for lunch today to see if we could weasel our way into the CNBC live broadcast. We failed miserably of course, but got a pretty good ruben sandwich out of the deal.
While there, we ran into none other than Bill Hammond, who heads up the Texas Association of Business. He was undoubtedly there for the same reason, with undoubtedly the same result.
We couldn’t help but notice that Bill is sporting a brand new shiny mustache.
Hammond with Mustache
Hammond without Mustache

Should Bill Hammond keep the mustache?
Absolutely not! free polls

Since he’s not an idiot, Hammond has not agreed to abide by the results of this ultra-turbo-super-duper-scientific poll. But he’s a good sport for playing along.

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FUBAR-Cam update

I really think that there are so many elections, it dilutes the impact of the really important ones.

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Housekeeping department

It has come to our attention here at Letters From Texas Worldwide H.Q. that the contact form we were providing wasn’t worth spitting on. Apparently for many users it would hang up while requiring you to type the funny looking capcha code thingie that systems require, so they can tell you’re an actual human bean.

So, despite popular demand, now when you click on “Contact” above, it takes you to a new and improved contact form, which hopefully doesn’t suck, and will enable us to ignore your emails with much greater efficiency than ever before. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, let me know.

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email form

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