Bill Hammond gives us some lip

Letters From Texas Worldwide Headquarters took a field trip to Katz’ Deli for lunch today to see if we could weasel our way into the CNBC live broadcast. We failed miserably of course, but got a pretty good ruben sandwich out of the deal.
While there, we ran into none other than Bill Hammond, who heads up the Texas Association of Business. He was undoubtedly there for the same reason, with undoubtedly the same result.
We couldn’t help but notice that Bill is sporting a brand new shiny mustache.
Hammond with Mustache
Hammond without Mustache

Should Bill Hammond keep the mustache?
Absolutely not! free polls

Since he’s not an idiot, Hammond has not agreed to abide by the results of this ultra-turbo-super-duper-scientific poll. But he’s a good sport for playing along.



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  1. just another duck on the pond July 17, 2010 at 4:50 pm #

    *repressed guffaw from hammie’s 1st sess educ bill reader [got that?]*

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