I saw the Terrorist Babies open for Aerosmith in ’79

What isn’t a surprise: Texas is back in the national spotlight as the laughingstock again, because of people in the Republican leadership.

What is a surprise: it’s not Rick Perry or Leo Berman.

Anderson Cooper‘s got the knack for newsy stuff. Rafael Anchia is savvy enough to STFU and let the crazy ooze out of debate opponent Debbie Riddle. And a proud nation once again laughs its ass off at Texas Republicans.

It actually all started with whacked-out Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert, who has talked on the House floor about about how an unnamed retired FBI agent said that they’re looking at terrorist cells overseas who sneak preggo women into the U.S. to have their babies before returning home, thus making the children U.S. citizens. Then, after 20-30 years of indoctrination and terrorist-stuff training, these U.S. citizens return to the U.S. to kill us all deader than hell.

A horse’s ass, Debbie Riddle

Apparently Gohmert isn’t stupid, just nuts, so he declined Anderson Cooper’s invitation to appear on CNN to explain all this. Instead CNN found Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle, who would have already long been world famous for being a whackadoodle except that she has such stiff competition among others in the Texas Republican leadership. CNN rounded it out by also inviting Democratic State Representative Rafael Anchia, whose only necessary qualification for this particular TV appearance is that he not be completely insane.

Riddle, like Gohmert, also said that she’s has discussions with former FBI agents about terrorist babies, failing to mention the commonly-held view among new parents that all babies are terrorists, and already have advanced skills in the use of dirty bombs.

Under sharp questioning from Cooper, Riddle expressed surprise and dismay that a newsman would ask a lot of questions, and she declined to answer them. Meanwhile, Anchia, not being an idiot, merely smiled a lot and declined to interrupt Riddle as the crazy continued to ooze from her entire being.

Riddle never did disclose who fed her this ridiculousness, but the following night CNN had a former FBI director on the same program who said it was all nonsense.  Meanwhile, the folks over at the Texas Tribune issued an open records request requiring Riddle’s office to turn over any evidence whatsoever of this communication between Riddle and a former FBI agent. Surprise, surprise – no evidence exists.

Why do I explain this to you, the crap reading public, in such excruciating detail? Because there’s no way in hell you’re going to be able to watch the entire CNN interview without the uncontrollable desire to take an ice pick and gouge out your eyes and ears.

In the off chance I’m wrong about that, here’s the complete segment.

Update: apparently Gohmert decided to get him a piece of this afterall, he was on CNN last night, where Anderson Cooper got a big chunk of his ass too.



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  2. Candace August 13, 2010 at 8:39 pm #

    where is the ice pick?!

  3. John Coby August 13, 2010 at 11:57 pm #

    Debbie Riddle looks like a cure to AIDS

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