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Dear lobbyists:

You know how your clients always think you really accomplished something for ’em when you go around the Capitol and hand out stuff? And who can blame ’em – I know a lot of Capitol employees really appreciate the little stress balls, pens, hats, and other little trinkets that are commonly passed around. It’s all in good fun.

But…seriously…don’t do this.

And while there is plenty more that could be said about that story (starting with where that guy was from), I think I’ll just leave it to you to flesh out in the comments section. You can thank me later.

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Rick Perry debate stunt double

As Democrat Bill White, Libertarian Kathie Glass, and Greenie-weenie Deb Shafto each accept their invitation to debate, Rick Perry still refuses to face his opponents.

Note to debate organizers: I suggest that you add a projector screen to the stage set-up, call on Rick Perry to make his opening statement, then play this scene from “Blazing Saddles.” It’s close enough.

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UT campus breaking news: ultimate irony [updated]

As the situation of the gunman (or gunmen) on the UT campus is unfolding right now, it’s ironic that already scheduled tonight on the UT campus, at the law school, is John Lott, speaking in favor of the right to carry concealed weapons on college campuses.

Discuss among yourselves.

Update: the link is now dead. Click on the image to see the screen capture of the event notice.

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East Texas update

This has been your East Texas update.

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It has never been more clear that my opponent’s father is a numb skull

Politics is rough, no doubt about it. I have more often counseled potential candidates for public office not to run, than to throw their hats into the ring.

One thing I tell them is that they should not run if they’re not fully prepared for their opponent to go after their family members.

But when I say it, I mean it figuratively.

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Stephen Colbert this morning, testifying in Congress

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Photo caption contest!

Senator Leticia Van de Putte and I are pictured here at the recent roast of Rachel Farris, benefitting Annie’s List.

Add your photo caption entry in the comments section!

Photo credit: David Thomas

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Photo credit: David Thomas

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The award for the most ironic byline on a newspaper story ever…

goes to this story.

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Yet another trophy that will end up in the closet

John Cornyn and Pete Sessions are each receiving an award from the Log Cabin Republicans.

What’s next – Mensa honoring Sarah Palin?

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Bill Clinton re-visited

Not that I have major complaints about President Obama’s communication skills, but when I watched President Clinton on the Daily Show, I was reminded of how utterly clear he can explain things in language that even I can understand.


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NotSo fast, Jim Sharp

I, for one, am glad that Jim Sharp, an alleged Democrat, is running for a statewide judgeship. This way more Democrats than ever can make it a point to skip the race. I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

Sharp, who has long held the nickname “NotSo Sharp” among political circles, said in an interview with the Austin American-Statesman last week, of Democratic Lite Gov. nominee Linda Chavez-Thompson:

…they decide that putting a Hispanic, female, labor organizer boss…(on the ticket) as lieutenant governor (is a good idea). 

NotSo then expressed grave doubts about this idea, apparently having decided that there aren’t enough old white guy anti-working family candidates on the typical ballot in Texas.

Of the immediate reactions to NoSo’s blathering, perhaps the best was Houston political commentator Marc Campos’, who said:

Only Jim Sharp can take a dump in his own living room, step in it, sit in it, roll around in it, and sleep in it.

I couldn’t agree more with Campos. I’m voting for Linda Chavez-Thompson, but as a result of this interview, I’ll skip NotSo Sharp’s race.

I have no idea which statewide candidates are well-positioned to win this November, but I do know this: he’s not one of them.

Perhaps, ironically, his blathering can serve as a rally cry for women candidates, Hispanic candidates, and pro-working family candidates, to increase the vote and help great candidates win.

Meanwhile, here’s hoping Sharp gets sharper.

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Headline of the day so far

The cops hate it when this happens. So does “George Bush.”

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A tale of “whoa!”

Maybe I should start a contest to see what, under the current configuration of the State Board of Education, the acronym “SBOE” should really stand for?

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Is that the UT Tower, or are you happy to see me?

Well, what do you know – Austin is America’s most sexually-active city.

I was kind of proud of our local recognition, until I read where else is on the list.

Number 2 on the list is Dallas, and Fort Worth and Arlington are also included. Clearly this means that big hair is back, and that’s disturbing.

Also on the top ten list is Oklahoma City. I had no idea they were counting farm animals. It also made me wonder why College Station didn’t make the cut for the same reason, until I realized that they couldn’t figure out how to fill out and return the questionnaire.

Anyway, Texas’ cities were well-represented on the list, and while I suppose it’s something else Rick Perry will take credit for somehow, we can sleep well tonight (in what little spare time remains) knowing that Texas is finally not last in something.

Keep up the good work.

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