Is that the UT Tower, or are you happy to see me?

Well, what do you know – Austin is America’s most sexually-active city.

I was kind of proud of our local recognition, until I read where else is on the list.

Number 2 on the list is Dallas, and Fort Worth and Arlington are also included. Clearly this means that big hair is back, and that’s disturbing.

Also on the top ten list is Oklahoma City. I had no idea they were counting farm animals. It also made me wonder why College Station didn’t make the cut for the same reason, until I realized that they couldn’t figure out how to fill out and return the questionnaire.

Anyway, Texas’ cities were well-represented on the list, and while I suppose it’s something else Rick Perry will take credit for somehow, we can sleep well tonight (in what little spare time remains) knowing that Texas is finally not last in something.

Keep up the good work.



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  1. whiskeydent September 14, 2010 at 8:12 pm #

    FUB, that’s the biggest ****up I’ve ever seen.

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