Well it’s about time!

Finally! This is the big break I’ve been looking for.

The Associated Press has announced their new policy that bloggers should be credited as news sources.

Well, Mr. Big Shot Jay Root, I’m calling you out: you should have covered my big exclusive story on the explosion in El Paso when you had a chance. Now you’re way behind the rest of the news media in reporting episodes of border violence that never actually happened.

And I’m calling you out, Miss Fancy Pants April Castro, for failing to report my big exclusive story on all the places Bill White has been photographed, yet in reality hasn’t been.

Or what about you, Miss “I’d rather be writing about stupid stuff like $18 billion budget shortfalls” Kelley Shannon, who completely missed in-depth analysis about how Tiger Woods could repair his reputation? Completely ignored it.

Clearly it’s time for you Austin Bureau AP people to straighten up and fly right. There’s a new sheriff in town.



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  1. whiskeydent September 13, 2010 at 2:14 pm #

    I can’t believe you picked on Gaston again with the latrine picture. You ought to be ashamed.

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