Political relationship status: It’s complicated

By Karie Meltzer
The Austin Post

Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison are no longer friends.
Rick Perry sent a friend request to “Third Term.”
David Dewhurst, Michael Williams, Elizabeth Ames Jones, John Sharp, Florence Shapiro and Roger Williams joined the group “We Hope KBH Resigns.”
Bill White is now online.
Debra Medina joined the group “I Can Debate.”
Farouk Shami is no longer online.
Rick Perry added “jogging with a gun” to his interests.
Rick Perry and coyote are no longer friends.
Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina removed “governor’s race” from their list of interests.
Rick Perry posted, “The BP oil spill was an act of God” on his wall.
Bill White is not attending the event “Barack Obama in Austin.”
Rick Perry posted “Thanks for your time” on Barack Obama’s wall.
It’s complicated between Bill White and Barack Obama.
Bill White invited Rick Perry to the event “Gubernatorial Debate.”
Rick Perry posted, “Show me the tax documents” on Bill White’s wall.
Bill White did not comment on Rick Perry’s wall post.
Rick Perry is not attending the event “Gubernatorial Debate.”
Rick Perry likes Rasmussen Reports.
Kathie Glass is now online.
The Austin American-Statesman likes Bill White.
Bill White likes the Austin American-Statesman.
It’s complicated between Rick Perry and Stimulus Funds.

To be continued…

This originally appeared in the Austin Post, reprinted with permission



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  1. Anonymous October 16, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    What’s so complicated about Bill White or Rick Perry. Either way we go, Texas loses. I give Bill White the benefit of the doubt for being naive but, I KNOW Perry is crooked as well as bought and paid for. Not going to hold my nose to vote this time. The lesser of two evils is still…EVIL!!!!

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