Republicans to Hispanics: drop dead, Part 2

Yesterday I commented on a Republican voter suppression effort designed to dupe Hispanic voters into not voting in this election. Today there are new details which bring this scandal home to Texas.

This national stories on this disgrace have emphasized that the ads in question were to run in Nevada, before TV networks rejected them as the anti-American trash that they are.

Now, according to a news report from MSNBC, it is known that the ads were intended to run in several other states, including Texas:

The Republican group Latinos for Reform had planned to eventually run the commercials in Nevada, Florida, California, Texas and Colorado through the Nov. 2 election.

Now that the issue has been laid at the doorstep of Texas Republicans, Republicans in Texas should immediately be called upon to either embrace the ads, or denounce them.

[h/t to Mule Breath for pointing us in the right direction]



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