Olbermann bites dog.

Democrats and/or Republicans have been stewing and/or cackling about MSNBC’s suspension of Keith Olbermann, since the cable news host made personal campaign contributions to candidates he supports. Olbermann’s network announced last night that his indefinite suspension gets pretty darn definite tomorrow, when he’ll return to his show. So basically, all of political Earth was up in arms about what essentially amounted to Olbermann taking a long weekend in the Catskills, taking long walks with that special someone.

Did I happen to mention that it’s sweeps month? I’m thinking his show “Countdown” takes a spike on Tuesday. Yeah. Go team.

Olbermann’s frequent co-conspirator in socialism and/or The American Way, Rachel Maddow, put things in perspective pretty well on her own show.

As articulately as Ms. Maddow put it, and as much as I agree with her bottom line, do you ever get the idea – perhaps even the hope – that MSNBC and Fox News will eventually morph into attacking each other full-time, in the process forgetting all about the rest of us?

A girl can dream….

Meanwhile, forget all that, because I’m pretty sure this is where all the trouble started anyway.



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