Clearly, SXSW is going to the dogs

I am completely excited, and somewhat terrified, to have been included as an IgniteSXSW speaker tomorrow night at the Austin Music Hall. This, despite the fact that I’ve never attended SXSW, nor have I ever attended an Ignite event. That the event is headlined by titans Bob Metcalfe and Guy Kawasaki doesn’t intimidate me any less, let’s just say.

Here’s the blurb on their website about my big 5 minutes of fame flame:

Political Communication in 2021

Harold Cook

The future of successful political communications in the coming decade is even more uncertain than political communications methods have been over the past decade. Political advisor, analyst, and satirist Harold Cook will explore the range of possibilities for the future, in this very unique pursuit for votes – in which more than half the candidates fall short, almost half the voters are bitterly disappointed, and almost everyone involved takes themselves way too seriously.

Somebody mentioned earlier this week that now that I’m on the SXSW program this year, I’d have to stop ragging on SXSW. She’s about to find out how utterly wrong she is, when a SXSW piece will auto-post in this space tomorrow night while I’m speaking.

Here’s what an Ignite event is all about.

Here’s the line-up of speakers.

Here’s where to register to attend, even if you don’t have SXSW credentials. And yes, the bar in the Music Hall will be open. That’s where you’ll find me immediately before and after my part of the program.

Spoiler alert: this might come up during my remarks. Just sayin’.



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