Time-saving tips for Texas Legislators

Legislators, about 20-30 of you will either be honored or disgraced today, when Texas Monthly releases their “10 Worst – 10 Best” legislators list. Counting honorable mentions and furniture, there will be more than a few people unhappy with their choices. Others of you will suddenly know the extent to which you never realized that the folks at Texas Monthly were freakin’ geniuses.

But lets face it – your staff is really tired. They really don’t want to write the statement from you, in which you react to your inclusion in this fine piece of journalism. So, as a service to you and your exhausted staff from Letters From Texas Worldwide Headquarters, Political Affairs Division, feel free to choose the appropriate choices on this suggested press release, and save yourself some time and trouble. Merely write in your name and your district number, circle the appropriate choices, and sent it out.

Press Release

June 15, 2011

[Senator/Representative _________ ] Responds to Texas Monthly

(Austin) [your name here] said the following today, after Texas Monthly magazine announced [his/her] inclusion in their list of ten [best or worst] legislators:

“[I am disappointed in or I applaud] Texas Monthly for their [hack job or fine journalistic effort] in naming the ten best and ten worst legislators today.

“Fortunately, constituents in my district [already knew this worthless rag was full of crap or have long known of my legislative prowess]. I can think of no higher compliment than [for this liberal commie pinko travel magazine to disagree with my high-minded legislative priorities or for this fine magazine to recognize all that we have been able to accomplish this session].

“The good people of District ____ have long known [not to take their political advice from a travel rag, any more than they would take travel advice from a political magazine or that I have worked very hard on their behalf, and the positive results are apparent].

“It is truly a great reflection on my district that [this out-of-touch liberal Austin insider gossip rag trashed me or this fine conservative news publication has finally recognized my achievements].

“I would just add [my compliments to Texas Monthly for a job well done or that Paul Burka can suck a nut].”

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4 Responses to Time-saving tips for Texas Legislators

  1. Anonymous June 15, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    Think they changed the list any after last night?

  2. pollabear June 15, 2011 at 7:39 pm #

    This is great!

  3. Anonymous June 21, 2011 at 11:05 am #

    How come NO democrats made the worst list? Are democrats still revelant?

  4. FUBAR June 21, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    Yes, Democrats are still relevant. But it’s difficult for a Democrat to make the worst list this year, with so much heavy Republican competition. With so many Republicans being led around by the short hairs by far-right Republican primary voters this session, they were bound to not fare well in any mainstream judgment.

    And just FYI, Texas Monthly has twice put out a worst list with no Republicans on it. (which is something I didn’t realize until the other day)

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