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On this week’s Capital Tonight, I was asked about Rick Perry’s current status in the Presidential race, following a terrible week for him in the news, but a pretty good week for him in the money race.

And featured on Capital Tonight this week is Laura Huffman, Texas State Director of the Nature Conservancy, who explained why Proposition 8, which is on this November’s ballot, is a cool deal.

Why do I care what Prop 8 does? Glad you asked. Because we don’t need any more of this, because we haven’t noticed a whole bunch of extra water just sitting around lately, and because it doesn’t cost taxpayers a dime.

You can watch this week’s Capital Tonight in its entirety this Sunday morning at 11 am on YNN Austin, in San Antonio on Time-Warner Cable channel 90, or in other Texas markets on Time-Warner channel 888. Or watch it online any time.



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  1. angela October 7, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    Lovely isn’t it.

    Everyone still has to let Skunk Perry in the room because he’s got
    a platinum bauble on his smelly tale that no one can deny is pricy
    and shiny.

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