Perry, running low on lubricant, may skip future debates

That Rick Perry is such a kidder.

Now he’s blaming his fall from grace on debates. Not how terribly he performs in debates, mind you, but the debates themselves.

Apparently, there is something extra-magical about Rick Perry alone, among the Republican candidates for president, in which there is nothing whatsoever wrong with him, but put him on a stage next to other candidates, moderated by those pesky news people, and suddenly it is as if kryptonite has paralyzed Superman.

Perry is apparently in a problem solve-y kind of mood. He has decided that the key to showing Republican primary voters how he compares to others running for the Republican nomination, is to not show up for future events which are designed to allow voters to compare the candidates running for the Republican nomination.

Only in Rick Perry’s world does this make sense. However, you’re not allowed to ask questions about this, because answering a bunch of questions is way beneath Rick Perry. It’s why he’s no good at debating, and it’s why he seldom hosts a press conference.

In Rick Perry’s world, Rick Perry issues demands. In Rick Perry’s world, Rick Perry does not answer questions.

So his campaign is mulling over skipping future debates. They say he might attend the next one, but will not commit to additional debates after that.

Guess what? Debate organizers almost always have a rule. Candidates who don’t meet some minimum threshold of support in the recent reputable polling aren’t even invited to a debate. That’s why you haven’t seen former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, another Republican Presidential candidate, in recent debates.

Have you seen Perry’s poll numbers recently? If his support falls much farther, whether he likes it or not he may be watching future debates while drinking a brewski in the hotel bar with Gary Johnson.



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  1. Anonymous October 29, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

    If Perry is running low on lubricant perhaps he could borrow some from Santorum.

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