Perry’s hail mary

So Rick Perry, pummeled in the polls, most recently because he can’t complete a sentence, is suddenly against career politicians who enrich themselves due to their public service.

Perry: sumthin’s gotta work

No, wait – you need to read that more slowly, and think it through: Rick Perry…is against career politicians…who enrich themselves…due to their public service. That’s like Santa Claus being damn tired of all that Christmas stuff.

This would be the same Rick Perry who has lived in public housing for years, who was a man of modest means when he got his first government job back before your punk-ass teenager was born.

He thinks people in Congress work too hard, and wants to give them some time off. He thinks the Federal judges should all go home. Actually, in Scalia’s case, I’ll spot him that one.

But mostly what he thinks is that he’s a desperate man, whom Republican voters have already resoundingly rejected, but who, perhaps not for nothing, has some hope that he’ll get a second chance.

He may well get his chance. The pizza guy is history, and Newt is on minute number 13.5. In Republican primary voters’ never-ending quest to avoid thinking too much about The Commie Health Care Mormon, they’re either about to force themselves to take another last look at The Wackadoodle From Texas, or The Other Crazy Woman Who Isn’t Palin. Or perhaps Huntsman, who is so utterly boring he is nickname-less.

President Obama undoubtedly sleeps just fine at night.



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  1. Henrietta November 19, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    I am shocked! You forgot he who should never be searched for on the Googles whilst at work and what about GrandPa Ron? They haven’t had their turn yet.

    We must be fair and balanced

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