Don’t miss out this Saturday!

I’ve written about this before, but now the event date is upon us.

Boyd Richie, pictured with the hot Richie

This Saturday evening in Austin, the Texas Democratic Party is hosting a roast of Boyd and Betty Richie. Except, few people are likely to roast Betty, because…well, you know…she’s the one we actually like. It’s a dinner event at the Hyatt Regency, and if you’re not there, we’ll talk bad about you.

House Democratic Leader Jessica Farrar has been added to the already stellar line-up, which already included Texas Senator Royce West, Judge Gilberto Hinojosa, DNC Secretary Alice Germond (you think you don’t know her, but you do – she’s the one who gets to do the roll call of states at Democratic National Conventions), the AFL-CIO’s John Patrick, legendary former TDP Chairman Bob Slagle, the lovely and talented Aimee Boone, and more!

And, oh yeah, the Democratic Party screwed around and put me in charge; I’m the Master of Ceremonies. And while I don’t often get carte blanche to ridicule people aside from this here natural habitat, when I do I don’t jack around, bucko.

So you can either get off your ass and attend this fun event, or you can be informed on Monday morning, as you hang around the water cooler wasting your employer’s time and money, that in your absence I trashed you at the event. So basically your attendance can be your self-defense mechanism.

I hope to see you Saturday!



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