Oh Susan.

I’m on just about every political email list imaginable, most of them against my will. Those whose lists I’m not on, “helpful” folks forward to me.

That’s how I got state Comptroller Susan Combs’ email this morning, commemorating the anniversary of 9-11, the darkest time in our Nation’s history since perhaps Pearl Harbor.

Ms. Combs was going great-guns there for a while in her email, until I read to the end, when I saw that what she was really after was campaign contributions. Yep, there was a big fat “Donate” button near the bottom. Other statewide elected officials (including A.G. Greg Abbott) also sent emails commemorating the day, but there was no request for contributions included in Mr. Abbott’s.

I know Susan Combs, and I like her. I don’t know how her perfectly respectable tribute to this day turned into a disrespectful shill for campaign cash, but it shouldn’t have happened. And if somebody forwards me a 9-11 tribute from a Democrat with a request for contributions, I’ll say the exact same thing about it.

Class up, people. Not everything has to be All About You.