Random thoughts after reading Jay Root’s book

Yesterday, I downloaded Oops!, Jay Root’s new book about Rick Perry’s presidential campaign. It’s a good, easy read, and is based on the diary Jay kept during his travels with Governor Perry’s RMS Titanic-like effort.

Here are my 11 take-aways after reading it:

1. Jay Root has apparently bought everybody in America except me a drink this year, and I’m somewhat bitter about that.

2. It’s really fascinating reading a book in which I know almost every character.

3. The smart, hard-working Carrie Dann of NBC news is every bit as worthy of my longstanding crush as I suspected. Also, if my “Women of the 2012 Presidential Republican Primary Press Bus” calendar idea ever takes off, she’ll be rich, rich, I tell you.

4. Jay Root really needs to see somebody about his persistent travel anxiety.

5. The longtime Perry folks, many of whom I know well, hardly ever agree with on policy, and genuinely like anyway (sorry Democrats – get over it) got screwed even harder than I suspected at the time.

6. Texas Tribune staff really should consider unionizing. Apparently Evan Smith is working them half to death.

7. Rick and Anita Perry probably learned a lot from the experience, which may make the Governor a more formidable candidate in the future.

8. And that worries me.

9. A lot.

10. Sleep apnea? Seriously? Are you sure there wasn’t some Restless Leg Syndrome going on too?

11. if you’re a political nerd like me, you should buy the book.