BREAKING: Random dude in Hilderbran campaign video won’t be voting for Hilderbran

As if Texans needed further evidence that these are strange political times, State Representative Harvey Hilderbran, who is running in the Republican primary for state Comptroller, has released his first campaign video, and it features…of all people…me.

Yes, me.

Hilderbran’s message in his intro video is that if Texans elect him as Comptroller, he’ll stop the IRS from picking on Texans.

Setting aside the fact that it’s utterly laughable that a state Comptroller of any state could alter whatever the IRS’ course happens to be, it’s even more laughable to use video of a Democrat out of context to show Republican primary voters that he’s the best Republican, especially when the video of me they used had nothing whatsoever to do with Mr. Hilderbran. Mr. Hilderbran’s name never came up in the interview. Honestly, Mr. Hilderbran never comes up in my mind at all.

Sorry Harvey, I’m just not that into you. And, just to be clear, in the event you become the Republican nominee for Comptroller, the guy in your own campaign video – me – won’t be voting for you.

Here’s the video his campaign used, which includes a small snippet of what I said in an extended interview.

Here’s the full extended video interview his campaign took it from.

You be the judge: did the Hilderbran campaign take my words out of context, or did the campaign fairly convey what I said?

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