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Consumer Kudos of the week

I’ve been known to launch a consumer rant or two over businesses when one was a big disappointment, so it’s only fair that I issue kudos when kudos are due. In the case of Groovy Automotive in Austin, I’m more than happy to do so.

See, I drive an SUV. Mind you, there are “sport utility vehicles” which would be more aptly named “life support system for a child seat vehicle” or “mommy and daddy go to Ikea vehicle,” and then there are SUVs which actually function as originally intended. Mine is a Toyota 4-Runner with full time 4 wheel drive, which I take off-pavement down some jeep trails in some relatively un-civilized areas of my neck of the woods on a regular basis.  The high-clearance vehicle is equipped with what they call a skid plate, which basically protects the underside of the engine compartment from large evil rocks bouncing up and destroying trivial things such as the oil pan.  Basically, the skid plate keeps one from becoming stranded in the desert, 28 miles from the nearest pavement, 45 miles from the nearest cell phone grid, and 32 miles from the nearest drinkable water. It’s kind of important.

Over the years, my skid plate has been beaten to smithereens, which means that it works exactly as intended and that I’m very glad I invested in a skid plate. But one teensy problem: either Sears or Jiffy Lube (if I could figure out which, I’d be cussing them) loosened the bolts on the skid plate to change the oil filter, then forgot to tighten them back up. This, I noticed recently, created the serious possibility of the skid plate dropping from my vehicle onto the highway some day, and killing whoever happens to be following me at the time. Probably not an optimal outcome.

My first opportunity to do something about this was today at lunch, when I pulled into Groovy Automotive on Red River in Austin. The folks at Groovy not only got to the heart of the problem immediately and fixed it, but they did so very quickly, and within 10 minutes I was safely back on the road.

The best part: Groovy Automotive didn’t charge me a dime.

So here’s to Groovy Automotive – you guys rock!

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