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Linda Harper-Screwed, Part 2

So Republican State Representative Linda Harper-Brown is giving the car back, eh?  Well, that’s just fine and dandy. But there are a couple of teeny-weenie little problems.

Harper-Brown: looks hot in Mercedes

First, she can’t un-drive the car she’s been driving for a while. All that benefit she already received from driving a free car? She can’t just pop the transmission into reverse and un-drive all those miles.

Second, who’s she giving the car back to? The corporation that owns it? The one that got millions in state contracts from the state agency her legislative committee oversees? Well that’s fine I guess, except she said it was a gift from her husband. Why does her husband get to give her a “gift” he doesn’t own?

Wait. On second thought, I take it back. I want to adopt that logic for my own life, so I’ve decided to give your car to a friend of mine. Yes you, you freeloading blog reader…your car. Don’t complain – I know you’ve been entertaining yourself for years reading my crap for free – your car is a small price to pay. Please deliver your car keys to me at your earliest convenience, and don’t forget to top it off with gas beforehand. Thanks in advance.

Oh, wait – you’re saying that mere mortals such as I can’t do that sort of thing? Well damn – I guess being a entitled Republican state representative really is a pretty swanky deal then, huh?

If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, here’s part 1.

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She’s Linda Harper-Screwed

Yesterday’s News: Dallas media has reported the story that ultra-conservative Republican State Representative Linda Harper-Brown, who sits on the House Transportation Committee, is driving a Mercedes, with “State Official” license plates, owned by a company which gets money from TX-DoT.  TX-DoT is overseen by the House committee on which Linda Harper-Brown sits. She has championed amendments directly benefitting this company.  Harper-Brown, who has ducked reporters ever since the scandal hit, instead put out a YouTube video in which she claims she’s under attack by the mainstream media and liberals from Washington.

Today’s News: now she’s also under attack by conservative talk radio in her own district. This guy on KLIF radio sure doesn’t sound like an “Obama-Pelosi Washington liberal” to me….

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BP names responsible party in spill

In the background of the daily headlines regarding the Gulf oil spill, debate is raging among legal circles regarding who is ultimately responsible for the spill.

Letters From Texas Worldwide Headquarters, Midland/Odessa Field Office, has obtained an official BP report at an undisclosed BP facility, definitively assigning responsibility for the spill.

Gosh, nobody’s more surprised about this than I am, but heaven knows BP wouldn’t lie. If I were you I’d get on down to the beach and start helping with the clean-up, ’cause it turns out you’re on the hook.

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