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News briefs from the Texas primary elections

Here are a few tidbits left over from yesterday’s primary elections in Texas that are just too juicy not to mention:

Clinton has yuge win over…Trump?

I find it hilarious that Hillary Clinton, who will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee for President, got hundreds of thousands more votes in Texas than Donald Trump, who will almost certainly be the Republican nominee for President. This, despite total GOP primary turnout being roughly twice that of Democratic primary turnout in the state.

The sun will come out, to Morrow

Travis County (Austin) Republicans have themselves a teeny weenie little problem, and his name is Robert Morrow. He won the race for Travis County Republican County Chairman yesterday. For those not familiar with this bastion of civility, Morrow once claimed that he was 95% sure that Hillary Clinton has brain cancer and wouldn’t run for President. He once asked Chelsea Clinton at a book signing if her mother had ever told her that Webb Hubbell was her real father, and whether Bill Clinton targets teen girls. In Morrow’s world, Rick Perry is bi, Marco Rubio is gay, and the Republican National Committee is “a gay foam party.”  Are you beginning to see a suspicious pattern here? He lambasted a reporter who contacted him last night, after the reporter had the nerve to decline to join Morrow in using the “N” word. Morrow’s election as GOP chair is personally annoying to me, because now I have to renew my Costco membership so I can afford all the popcorn I’ll need to watch this train wreck unfold. Morrow, perhaps predictably, is a Donald Trump fan, who most wise politicos in Austin blocked on social media years ago. His twitter feed: totally NSFW. I know he sounds like a real catch, but sorry – no word yet whether he’s single.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Republican Party, Part II

In other news regarding GOP class acts, the State Board of Education, long known as The Place Where All Good Ideas Go To Die, may soon have another member who will fit right in: Republican Mary Lou Bruner leads going into a runoff election for a seat on the Board. She believes that Barack Obama used to be a gay prostitute, that teaching evolution is responsible for school shootings, and that the United Nations has a secret plan to reduce the world’s population by 2/3’s. Pretty swanky.

It’s always darkest just before the Lon

It’s the day after an election. Which means that, as usual, it’s time for everybody to say this: poor Lon Burnam. Burnam lost his state House seat in an election two years ago, and now he’s lost a statewide primary. The only actual qualified candidate in a statewide race for Railroad Commission (which has nothing to do with railroads), he won’t make the runoff election, because he was bested by a candidate named Grady Yarbrough (who has nothing to do with Ralph Yarborough, a legendary former US Senator widely beloved by Democrats over the age of, say, 92). The winner of the runoff (which has nothing to do with Lon) will go on to run as a Democrat in a statewide election for Railroad Commissioner (which has nothing to do with Democrats winning a statewide race, per usual).

What other fun facts did you notice across Texas yesterday?

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Republicans say the darnedest things!

Republican presidential primary politics are the greatest show on earth. It’s political porn. It doesn’t matter what the Republican Party tries to do to minimize the damage to their brand, the early stage of their nominating process always quickly devolves into a clown car of epic proportions. As a Democrat, I fully support this, if only because it distracts from how silly we Democrats can be.

Those watching Donald Trump’s antics this time should be reminded that this is nothing new. Last time, it was Michelle Bachmann who, through The Frequent Saying Of Stupid Things, quickly rose to the top of the Republican heap, only to have her hopes and dreams crushed by Rick Perry, who after The Frequent Saying Of Stupid Things he engaged in, quickly had his own hopes and dreams crushed.

So Trump can hardly be blamed if experience has taught him that the way to quickly rise to the top of Republican polls is to say stupid stuff. It’s the way Republicans do it.

In fact, Republican primary voters are so in love with candidates who say stupid stuff that they’ll ignore everything else, in utter adoration of said stupid stuff.

Donald Trump immediately rose to the top of the polls because he deliberately expressed abject and offensive racism toward Hispanics in his announcement speech. But to his audience, the offensive is hot. Those voters are so enamored with his racism that it made them forget that Trump has also said in the past that he’s pro-choice, pro-universal health care, and pro-assault weapons ban. Wow, way to go, Republicans – that’s a really healthy commitment to your racism you’ve got there!

But alas, there are grown-ups among Republican primary voters. They have a long and proud history of being more than happy to go out on a date with any damn fool, but they won’t get engaged to just anybody. In 2008, they settled on John McCain as the man to marry. Say what you will about McCain, but he is a certified grown-up, and would have still been considered such in the general election, but for his little dalliance with that Sarah Palin thing. And in 2012, after flirting with unserious candidates like Bachmann, Perry, and Herman Cain, they coalesced around Mitt Romney, another bona fide grown-up.

So, I’m sorry, fellow Democrats, but the Republicans will not nominate Trump, much as we’re tempted to send him campaign contributions in the hopes that they will. The Republican faithful will soon conclude that he is not serious marriage material. In fact, they’ll quickly figure out that it turns out he isn’t even a fun first date.

The good news for Democrats, and others who revel in the misery Republicans experience every time the nominate a Presidential candidate, is that Trump will not quickly go away. Presidential candidates don’t drop out of a race when they drop in the polls. They drop out of the nominating process when they run out of money. And Donald Trump will never run out of money, or ego.

So, friends, despite Trump’s self-destructive utterings, the 2016 clown car will continue careening down the highway at breakneck speed for the foreseeable future, with Trump still hanging onto the hubcaps. Because why would you put an early end to the greatest show on earth?

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Time-saving tip for Texas legislators – Texas Monthly 10 best/worst list

Legislators, about 20-30 of you will either be honored or disgraced tomorrow, when Texas Monthly releases their “10 Worst – 10 Best” legislators list. Counting honorable mentions and furniture, there will be more than a few people unhappy with their choices. Others of you will suddenly know the extent to which you never realized that the folks at Texas Monthly were freakin’ geniuses.

But lets face it – your staff is really tired. They really don’t want to write the statement from you, in which you react to your inclusion in this fine piece of journalism. So, as a service to you and your exhausted staff from Letters From Texas Worldwide Headquarters, Political Affairs Division, feel free to choose the appropriate choices on this suggested press release, and save yourself some time and trouble. Merely write in your name and your district number, circle the appropriate choices, and sent it out.

Press Release

June 17, 2015

[Senator/Representative _________ ] Responds to Texas Monthly

(Austin) [your name here] said the following today, after Texas Monthly magazine announced [his/her] inclusion in their list of ten [best or worst] legislators:

“[I am disappointed in or I applaud] Texas Monthly for their [hack job or fine journalistic effort] in naming the ten best and ten worst legislators today.

“Fortunately, constituents in my district [already knew this worthless rag was full of crap or have long known of my legislative prowess]. I can think of no higher compliment than [for this liberal commie pinko travel magazine to disagree with my high-minded legislative priorities or for this fine magazine to recognize all that we have been able to accomplish this session].

“The good people of District ____ have long known [not to take their political advice from a travel rag, any more than they would take travel advice from a political magazine or that I have worked very hard on their behalf, and the positive results are apparent].

“It is truly a great reflection on my district that [this out-of-touch liberal Austin insider gossip rag trashed me or this fine conservative news publication has finally recognized my achievements].

“I would just add [my compliments to Texas Monthly for a job well done or that Erica Grieder and RG Ratcliffe can suck a nut].”

# # #

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Yay! It’s House budget day!

Welcome, first time Texas Legislature watchers, to the next significant part of the budget process – the day the budget hits the House floor! The Senate’s budget floor debate is scheduled a few days from now.

As a LettersFromTexas tutorial for the benefit of you, the crap-reading public, here’s what you can expect out of the budget process in each chamber:

Typical budget day in the Senate: 5 amendments, 3 frowned upon, all quickly tabled. In extreme cases hurt feelings may extend all the way until high tea. Several mani-pedis may need to be rescheduled. This is a day of high stress for waiters at Jeffrey’s, 3 Forks, and Austin Land & Cattle, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Typical budget day in the House: 350 amendments, fisticuffs, and a possible food fight in the members lounge. Tea Party threatens to form 3rd party in next election, 3 committee chairs announce retirement from politics, and 7 agency Executive Directors found hanging from rafters. CSI team called in to investigate.

This has been your LettersFromTexas budget debate tutorial. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled House floor clawing, scratching, and biting.

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God Bless Texas

The National Weather Service put out an unusual alert this afternoon regarding why their radar system serving Central Texas is currently non-operational.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 4.07.32 PM

Click the photo to enlarge


This has been your LettersFromTexas weather update.


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Good neighbors

It seems to me that hardly anybody ever really likes their neighbors. Where I live, for example, on one side of my house is a church that once hired a roofer who dropped his truck on my house, and on the other side is a family which has stored the same old car in their backyard that was parked there when I moved in back in 1993.

But no matter how much you think you don’t like your neighbors and are ready to go find a new place to live, it could be worse.

For example, you could live next door to whoever donated a human skull to Goodwill in Austin the other day (and, if by chance you do live next door to them, please contact the authorities because they’re looking for ’em). The Austin owner of that skull probably died while still looking for affordable apartments for rent. In fact, here are apartments for rent in Dallas. Move there, because there are too many people moving here.

Or perhaps you live next door to somebody who likes to record his neighbors having loud sex? If not, perhaps you’re the one whose neighbors keep having loud sex, which you daydream about someday recording and posting online?

If so, you might want to be careful about who you record, because you might accidentally record your own loved one messing around with your neighbor, since according to this, there’s a 1-in-20 chance of that.

Then again, some people never move no matter how bad it gets. In fact, this guy stayed put so long in his cluttered rent-controlled apartment his loved ones can’t find where he put the papers so they can get their hands on his $18 million. Bummer.

Oh, you thought I was kidding when I said my neighbor’s truck fell on my house? Nope. It destroyed my newly-remodeled kitchen. If I’d been in the kitchen at the time, it would have destroyed me. The insurance company had to rebuild a quarter of my house, and my friend re-named the place “Casa Piñata.”

Neighbors can be a pain.

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It’s that time again!

Every January 15th, I make a special toast: happy birthday, Edward Blumingfield, wherever you are!

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More evidence that Texas politicians are falling behind in the crazy train sweepstakes

Not particularly new: yet another elected official admits to extramarital affair. Yawn.

New and improved: with an alien from outer space.


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Jesus endorsed another candidate

Don’t worry, ma’am – it pretty much worked the same way for Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry too.

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The inspirational speaker of the day award

…has to be awarded to this guy.

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I wouldn’t have guessed they were capable of it…

…but KMart just won the internet.


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Urgent Missive To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World

Commandancy of The City Of Austin
April 4, 2013

Fellow citizens & compatriots:

We in the City of Austin are besieged, by the threats of North Korea. This, despite sending our best diplomat, Ambassador Dennis Rodman, to parlay this matter with Kim Jong-Un. We are certain at this point that Amb. Rodman pretty much said the wrong thing. We expect to sustain a continual nuclear bombardment, but we have not lost a man. The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the city is to be put to the sword. El Presidente Ricardo Perry has answered the demand with a cannon shot and a sternly-worded retort on the El Aroyo sign, and has patiently explained to the world at large that this besiegement is because Austin is a very important city. Our flag still waves proudly from our music venues, and we shall never surrender or retreat.


Near the main stage at ACL Fest, 2011

We call on you in the name of liberty, patriotism, breakfast tacos, skinny jeans, and everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch. The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily and will no doubt increase in four or five days. If this call is neglected, we are determined to sustain ourselves as long as possible and die like proud Central Texans who never forget what is due to their own honor and that of our city.



Harold Travis Crocket Bowie Cook,

Lt. Col. Comdt.

P.S. The Lord is on our side. When the enemy appeared in sight we had not three bushels of corn. We have since found 80 or 90 bushels and got into the walls 20 or 30 head of Beeves, multiple orders of the Bob Armstrong Queso from Matt’s El Rancho, several old KGSR mix tapes, a portion of Leslie Cochran’s collection of g-strings, and the entire liquor stock from Little Woodrow’s.

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And they said Republicans are supposed to be for economic development.

Remember when I recently urged Sugar Land, Texas, to take seriously the offer of a website to change their name?

Too bad you people didn’t take me seriously. Now some place in  Georgia gets to have all the fun.

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Everybody deserves a fair trial

Then again, sometimes you have a feeling that’s just not going to happen.


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Meanwhile, in El Paso…

Prepare to cry: behold the greatest act of sportsmanship ever.

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