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Congressional candidates: you’re slackers

This guy’s running for Congress in four different states this election.

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Texas once again falls behind

Dear Texas politicians:

You’re falling way behind in your efforts to be the world’s wackiest officeholders.

If you’re pressed for time, skip to 4:25.

If you’re really pressed for time, skip to 8:05.

If you’re really really pressed for time, skip to 8:40.

(Thanks to Sarah for the tip!)

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An important message from the Texas Department of Massive Denial

These two tweets appeared adjacent to each other on my twitter feed earlier this morning:

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 11.24.23 AM

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Criminal mastermind of the day so far

Meet Walter Moore.


(h/t: Katie)

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Breaking news from Washington, D.C.

Federal agency falls for cheesy bar pick-up line.

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More evidence that Texas politicians are falling behind in the crazy train sweepstakes

Not particularly new: yet another elected official admits to extramarital affair. Yawn.

New and improved: with an alien from outer space.


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It would totally be worth the trip through the McDonald’s drive-thru…

…just to tell ‘em you want McCrap.



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And they said Republicans are supposed to be for economic development.

Remember when I recently urged Sugar Land, Texas, to take seriously the offer of a website to change their name?

Too bad you people didn’t take me seriously. Now some place in  Georgia gets to have all the fun.

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Think Texas politics is interesting?

Me too, but Japan is quickly catching up.


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Capitol staff: have lobbyists delivered a stress ball to your office yet?

Because apparently they don’t work.


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Dear Sugar Land, Texas:

Take the money. Seriously.

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Sacramento radio stations continue to celebrate Rick Perry-related windfall

Funny thing about that dust-up between Texas Governor Rick Perry – who famously arranged for a tiny radio buy inviting California businesses to move to Texas – and California Governor Jerry Brown, who called Perry’s efforts “barely a fart.”

Turns out they’ll let just about anybody put up a radio buy in Sacramento. The Lone Star Project did so this morning – warning Californians about Rick Perry’s snake oil salesmanship. Listen up:

I guess Rick Perry really can create an economic windfall – for California radio stations.

Read more on this from the Lone Star Project.


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Here’s a side of George W. Bush you’ve never seen before

…and one which you’ll never, ever, want to see again.


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Some of ‘em do the darnest things.

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Another misguided CPRIT-funded research project?

Probably not, but it sounds about right.

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