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We’re takin’ this show on the road: D/FW

North Texas/Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex folks –

Mark your calendars for November 5.

Actually, first mark your calendar for October 21, because remember that nut who predicted the rapture earlier this year, only it turns out he was full of it? Yeah, well, he’s rescheduled his little rapture for October 21. So yeah, that’s the date we can all join hands in bipartisan unity and ridicule people who pretend to know about such things.

But after that: mark your calendar for Saturday, November 5, because that’s when Letters From Texas Worldwide Headquarters will be taking this little clown car act on the road, where we’ll be featured at an event benefitting the Texas Democratic Party, and honoring the lovely and talented Wendy Davis, State Senator from Fort Worth.

That the event will be held at the amazing Dallas World Aquarium, along with all the endless associated fish puns, would be enough. That the event honors Wendy Davis would be enough. That the event benefits your Texas Democratic Party would be enough. That the event features me would be…well, probably not enough.

But get this: the event also features Dallas Senator Royce West, who is not only smart and entertaining, but whose voice always leads all blind people everywhere to fully believe that Barry White is in the house.

So don’t be a cheap-ass – order your tickets to this dinner event online now. Then get your friends to do the same, because you know how much you hate walking into a room and realizing you don’t know anybody.

I’ll see you in Dallas! (assuming that rapture guy is full of it, again)

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