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She’s Linda Harper-Screwed

Yesterday’s News: Dallas media has reported the story that ultra-conservative Republican State Representative Linda Harper-Brown, who sits on the House Transportation Committee, is driving a Mercedes, with “State Official” license plates, owned by a company which gets money from TX-DoT.  TX-DoT is overseen by the House committee on which Linda Harper-Brown sits. She has championed amendments directly benefitting this company.  Harper-Brown, who has ducked reporters ever since the scandal hit, instead put out a YouTube video in which she claims she’s under attack by the mainstream media and liberals from Washington.

Today’s News: now she’s also under attack by conservative talk radio in her own district. This guy on KLIF radio sure doesn’t sound like an “Obama-Pelosi Washington liberal” to me….

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Clueless radio talk show caller of the day

Winning today’s radio talk show Darwin Award is “Barbie,” a woman calling into Scott Braddock’s radio show in Dallas on KRLD yesterday. Barbie called in during a lively discussion on immigration. Barbie would rather scapegoat immigrants instead of taking responsibility for her own life by getting off her fat ass* and getting a job.

Barbie, thankfully, was followed by “Anthony,” who seems, shockingly and somewhat disappointingly, like a normal human being. Don’t be fooled by the pre-recorded intro before Barbie – that’s a whole different racist.

Pro tip for racist fat-asses*: at least while in public, you might consider pretending that you have legitimate concerns regarding illegal immigration in America, which Congress should address out of a deep concern for continued economic growth, public safety, and border security. That way, you don’t have to admit that you just flat-out hate Mexicans, and that you blame them for your total inability to live a normal life and get a regular job.

*I herein apologize to all non-racist fat-asses. It’s just that the term “fat-ass” seems to follow the word “racist” so well.  Plus, if Barbie can assume that people she’s never met and doesn’t know are all a certain way, then I can certainly assume that racist idiots like Barbie all have fat asses, right? So sorry, Barbie, you have a fat ass. You also have bad breath, and both of your remaining teeth are crooked. Maybe that’s another reason why Jack In The Box won’t give you an employment application.

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The bum’s Rush

Rush Limbaugh, who is a qualified expert on the subject because he owns a beach house and you don’t, has a message for you tree hugging bug loving hippie freak commie pinkos who somehow got it into your silly little heads that oil spills are bad.

He says the oil spill is good news, mainly because people will stop going to the beach he has a house on, and because the sea turtles are smart enough to go lay their eggs on another beach.

But he’s still blaming Obama for it. So yeah, crisis averted – so we’re cool right?

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Clueless radio talk show caller of the day, Part 2

Remember “John from Dallas,” who called into Scott Braddock’s radio show in Dallas yesterday? His goofball-ed-ness from yesterday is enshrined in the post directly below this one.

Well guess what? He called back today and got himself another dose of Braddock.

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Clueless radio talk show caller of the day

Meet “John from Dallas,” who called to argue with Scott Braddock on KRLD in Dallas about whether or not deliberately ramming an airplane into a building is terrorism. Braddock quickly dismissed him like a bad waiter.

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Clueless radio talk show caller of the day

Meet “Steve” from Wills Point, who called into Scott Braddock’s radio show on KRLD in Dallas last week, and was very promptly smacked down by the aforementioned Scott Braddock.

Attention Texas radio talk show hosts who aren’t Scott Braddock: if you weren’t so damn lazy, you could email me an MP3 of your latest idiot caller, and get free mention here.

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Radio talk show Clueless Caller of the Day

There are few things as entertaining as folks who call into talk shows, especially the more clueless callers.

Here’s “Lou,” the winner of today’s Letters From Texas Clueless Talk Show Caller of the Day.

Yes, you too can listen live over the interwebz to Scott Braddock’s show, which is actually disappointingly sane and thought-provoking, and originates on KRLD in Dallas. Feel free to email me future submissions to the Clueless Callers of the Day, from this or any other radio talk show in Texas. The wackier the better.

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